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Grow your Coaching Profile

It is our intention through to drive more business towards active and qualified coaches.  Another goal we have is to signpost players to active SQ coaches through the website. The exposure to SQ members all over the world has the potential to significantly enhance your coaching profile. 

If you take the positive step towards becoming an SQ accredited Coach, we will work with you to improve your profile in the followings ways:

  • Align yourself with SQ Ambassadors Terry, Steve and Cliff;
  • Giving you the ability to advertise your services on the SQ website;
  • Benefitting from a partnership with the WPBSA;
  • Use the SQ system to prove your capability through factual results;
  • Allowing the most successful coaches to post videos or post to the SQ blog;
  • Join the cuesports coaching and development revolution on the launch pad.

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