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Every snooker player in the world is now a potential student!

With SQ coach accreditation you open up a world of possibilities for yourself and your students. Using you can now market yourself to every SQ member in the world and offer online solutions. Now that SQ offers you a factual handicap, or means of relative assessment, to use with your students, you can both measure your performance on your journey together.

You can run SQ improvement classes for individuals or groups in preparation for exam submissions at the end of the course. You can generate grades for your students and get access to helpful tips for all the SQ routines. Through showing your students their progress you can prove to them that your coaching methods are improving their key skill sets.

Now that players have a method that can show themselves, and others, what level they play at, then we feel sure that this will have the same ego-driven effect that the golf handicap has. Everyone wants to have a high SQ score - and you are the coach they will now be coming to find to reach their target.

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