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What does an SQ offer you? 

Your Snooker Quotient (SQ) will offer you a method that has been tried, tested and proven at the highest level to offer significant performance improvement over time. Snooker Quotients will:

  • Highlight your strengths and weaknesses;
  • Give you access to the routines used by world-class players;
  • Motivate you to work harder and smarter;
  • Help to facilitate intentional or deliberate practice;
  • Cover all the key skills needed for you to be a more consistent player;
  • Monitor your development curve over time;
  • Gather facts to allow informed key snooker-related decisions;
  • Provide factual information for tailored individual improvement;
  • Allow clubs, teams and other organisations to handicap players fairly;
  • Test you under pressure and show how you react in adversity;
  • Offer you, for the first time ever in our sport, relative, skill-based comparison with players at local, national, international and elite levels for different age groups, genders and geographical locations across the globe.
Compare your skills - whatever your age!

Would you like to compare your skills with other snooker players from all around the world? Would you like to know how your cue ball control or break building compares the best male and female players in your country or on your continent? Would you be interested to see what a world junior champion’s skills profile looks like from the age of 10 – 19, or to see if you are, or who is, the best female under 21 long potter in Asia?

This information has never been available on a large scale in snooker. Our Snooker Quotient (SQ) assessment system will change that forever!

Based on 10 years of data collection covering all ability levels and both genders, we can provide all the information you need to work towards becoming a stronger and more consistent player, a database to compare yourself to other players all over the world and a vehicle to track your development curve over time.

This is an innovative system that has used a mix of traditional and new routines, to provide facts and figures that have been collected, tested and proven over a decade in elite training environments. Join us to see this new data and use it to improve your own game.

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