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SQ Routines: Play locally - compare and compete globally

Our Snooker Quotient (SQ) routines have been tried and tested with players at all levels for over a decade. The four Individual Snooker Quotient (ISQ) tests each have 4 routines to complete and all 4 ISQ tests must be submitted before you get your official SQ at either Level 1 or Level 2:

  1. Break Building - ISQ 1
  2. Cue Ball Control - ISQ 2
  3. Long Potting - ISQ 3
  4. General Skills - ISQ 4

Each of the 4 tests has 4 routines - so you are tested over 16 routines in total. These are not the only 16 routines you should ever play of course. Indeed, there are dozens of routines a coach may use to improve a player's SQ. However, these 4 ISQs, and the 4 routines within them, are what you will be measured against and this is how you will be compared with every other SQ member in the world.

Snooker's improved version of the golf handicap is here at last. What is your SQ?

Cue Ball Control
Open Play Routine
Snooker training
Long Potting Routine
Snooker skills routine
Cue Ball Control Routine

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