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SQ Big Data

The SQ system is based on 'big data' collected over the last 10 years. The data that we will use to populate the site at launch has been collected from players of both genders and from a range of ability levels. It has also been collected using the same routines and under the same pressure that you will face during the testing process.

Members will be able to see the SQ and ISQ (individual snooker quotient) test scores required to be one of the best male or female players in the world (see right). You will also be able to see a junior development profile, showing SQ scores, at each age, for a young player who started at 11, went on to be a world junior champion and is now a top amateur with the potential to reach professional status - and of course you will see your own SQ progress!

As more data comes in to the SQ cloud from SQ members around the world, we will refresh this data. This will give us, and all our members, access to the most up to date and accurate snooker skills information for us all to compare.

Access to such valuable data will help players and coaches to build training plans that will see players moving up the different SQ attainment levels to reach their full potential. This in turn will improve motivation and enjoyment and the SQ big data will continue to get bigger and better. What is your SQ?

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