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* Minimum requirement software version for iOS is 12.5.2

** Minimum requirement software version for Android is 8.1


Snooker Quotients App

The SQ App

SQ app - lets you create your SQ and then monitor and compare your performance and improvement.

SQ scores - that are authentic and credible and will be invaluable to players.

SQ tests - Individual Snooker Quotients (ISQs) to simulate a real-life practise environment - as close as possible to match-play pressure.

SQ guidance - each ISQ on the app includes setup instructions, routine rules and videos.

SQ videos - all videos are verified for authenticity and accuracy to ensure the highest standards.

SQ algorithm - will automatically calculate your ISQ and, once you have submitted all four ISQs, will then proceed to calculate your overall SQ

SQ handicap - your SQ is added to our global SQ leaderboard, giving you your first official snooker handicap.

SQ comparison - allows you for the first time ever, to compare yourself to players from around the globe, track your own performance, assess your skills and compete against others. Train locally, compare globally.

Use the SQ App to start the conversation with others - “What is your SQ?”

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