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European Ambassador for SQ

Terry Griffiths OBE

"For any player wanting to reach their full potential in our sport, Snooker Quotients offers the perfect solution. A range of your key skills will be tested under pressure. From these initial test results you will have the opportunity to develop targeted improvement plans to build on strengths and overcome any perceived weaknesses. I believe the SQ training system has the potential to revolutionise grass roots development, elite training and the business model for snooker".


  • World Champion
  • UK Champion
  • Masters Champion
  • Irish Masters Champion
  • Belgian Masters Champion
  • First Director of Coaching for WPBSA
  • Welsh Sporting Hall of Fame


SQ Ambassador for Canada and Pan-America

Cliff Thorburn

"As a keen golfer I was always trying to improve my handicap. The enjoyment and motivation I got from working hard and seeing how this materialised into a lower golf handicap had me buying new clubs, reading magazines, watching videos and seeking out coaches to help me improve. When I first saw the SQ system I immediately thought it could do the same for snooker as the handicap system did for golf. In North America, comparing players across the whole region is not easy. With SQs we can now set up a Pan-American group where players can compare their SQs, their skill, with other players from all over the region - and indeed the world. I am really excited to be in on this project from the very start and I feel sure this system is going to have a significant impact on snooker development and the sport as a whole".


  • World Champion 1980
  • First televised 147 at the Crucible
  • Masters Champion x 3
  • World Team Winner x 3


Global SQ Ambassador

Kelly Fisher

"I began playing almost 30 years ago at the age of 12 years old and what I’d give to have had something like the SQ training system back then. I will certainly be taking full advantage of this unique technology for my own training, motivation and improvement. Not only will it test my skills and performance, but it will also give feedback on what areas of my game I need to work on. From beginners to professional level, SQ will help transform your game, creating structure and targets, moving you forward to reaching your true potential and goals. I’ll definitely be incorporating SQ training into my everyday practice & I would strongly advise you do the same!"


  • World Number 1 for snooker, pool and Billiards
  • Six times Ladies World Snooker Champion
  • Twice World Billiards Champion
  • Three time World Pool Champion
  • Inductee into BCA Hall of Fame


SQ Ambassador for Asia

Ng On Yee

"I have used elements of the SQ training system as part of my overall training plan for 10 years. Playing these varied exercises, especially under the pressure of exam conditions, gave me exposure to motivation and consequence in training and this made me a tougher all round player. The confidence I gained from seeing all my key skills improving over this time gave me the belief I needed to reach my dream of becoming a multiple world champion.

The benchmark data this system provided for me, enabled myself and my coaches to focus in the areas where I needed to get stronger and reach my goals. I have little doubt that Snooker Quotients will give more structure and enjoyment to your training and help you to move towards your full potential as a snooker player - in the same way it did for me".

SQ Ambassador for Asia

Marco Fu

"As a player who prefers to practise on my own more than in matchplay, I really appreciate the need for the means to measure my progress over time. The Snooker Quotients routines gives me access to a wide range of different and important snooker skills and the SQ measurement tells me how I am performing at a given time.

For players to be able to see how they are improving over time is a vital ingredient for keeping confidence, motivation and enjoyment levels high. Once you have completed all the tests, you have a very clear picture of where you are stronger and where you are weaker. You can then set about making a plan to improve the key skills that are holding you back. Making plans based on facts is the best way to raise your overall standard and reach the next level. Snooker Quotients give you the facts you need to do this. I will be very interested to see how your SQ compares to mine!"

Global Ambassador for SQ

Steve Davis OBE

“When I first heard about the SQ system, I was genuinely impressed and keen to learn more. Anything that can help players improve their skill, enhance their love of the sport and encourage them to seek coaching, is likely to win my support. The unique appeal of the SQ system is that it allows players from anywhere in the world to compare their skills with professionals and champions in the game. This is a system I would have loved to have been able to access in my early days as an aspiring professional.  I am very pleased to be involved as an SQ Ambassador and I believe it will have a great impact on global training and coaching for players of all abilities.”


  • World Champion - 6 times
  • UK Champion - 6 times
  • Masters Champion - 3 times
  • Winner of more than 70 major titles
  • BBC Sports Personality of the Year (1988)

SQ Ambassador for the Middle East

Mohamed Shehab

"Do not miss this chance to try the SQ system. Since my early days of training I have been a prolific user of routines to help improve my game. Now there is a system where you can compare yourself to SQ members from anywhere in the world. With SQs, whatever the routine you are trying, or whatever your playing ability, this system is sure to push you outside your solo practise comfort zone. You will be tested under pressure too, which will set you up to perform when it matters most - in competition. As an Academy owner I am so excited to see something like SQ that I am sure will get more people playing our sport and looking for coaching to improve and get themselves to the top of the SQ Global leaderboards." 


  • Main tour professional x 2
  • Men's Asian Championships runner-up x 2
  • UAE #1 Ranked since 2004
  • 2x Asian Gold medalist
  • 11x Arab Champion
  • 6x West Asia Champion
  • 8x Gulf Champion

Coaching Ambassador for SQ

PJ Nolan

"Golf Handicaps were introduced to be a benchmark for rating a player's standard and I believe the new SQ handicap System will allow cue sport players from across the world to train, compete, and compare themselves against not only their friends, but all the way up to comparison with elite players through the ISQ key skill sets. This is a system for all standard of players and working alongside a qualified coach will help all students enjoy the game more and improve more. It is my pleasure to be involved as an SQ ambassador. What is your SQ?


  • National Snooker Coach for the Republic of Ireland;
  • WPBSA Snooker Coach and Head of EBSA European Coaching;  
  • Coached and guided players with victories at:
    • Every Irish National Snooker title
    • European Men’s, Masters, Under 21, Under 18, 6 Reds and Team titles
    • Asian Indoor Games title (gold medal)
  • Works with National Associations of Egypt, Sweden, Finland and Austria;
  • Trains and qualifies all new EBSA Coaches across Europe.

SQ Junior Global Ambassador

Shaun Liu

"I use the SQ training routines as part of my overall training programme. I have been tested using the SQ routines since I was 9 years old. My SQ has improved from under 30 to over 50 and the confidence I get from seeing these scores on the graph and leaderboards helps me a lot. Doing the SQ testing with my team members or in front of the camera on the SQ app helps me to keep focus and better manage playing under pressure. Try SQ for yourself and maybe you can try to beat my score - but remember, I am trying to beat it too!"


  • Youngest ever Hong Kong HKSI Junior Squad member (aged 8)
  • Youngest ever Hong Kong Inter-Schools Champion (aged 11)
  • 2021 Hong Kong Under 14 Champion and highest break winner
  • 2021 Hong Kong Under 21 Runner up (HKBSCC Event 1)
  • 147 maximum break on line up at age 11 years, 173 days
  • First century break (official) at 11 years 177 days - youngest Hong Kong player ever

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