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Mental Skills Coaching

Price on Request - Based on player's requirements

We can all get wrapped up in the attraction of technical and tactical fixes as we try to improve and move through the levels. However, the mental skills available to us and how they can help us to improve, especially under pressure, often get ignored. For the SQ testing we have deliberately designed the system to ensure you are taking the exam with pressure applied (no second chances). 

This introduction of pressure, may throw up a number of questions for you as a player and us as coaches. In the SQ system, we want to offer you access to our mental tool kit as we all seek to work together to take you to the next level.

We use the acronym MPCPM to cover all the mental skills we feel are needed to take your game forward. These methods have been tried, tested and proven at the highest levels but also apply to a player who is working hard to get better at any time in their development curve.

If you feel you want a complete review of your mental strategies and look at how you can add a number of mental tools to your mental tool-kit, please contact us and arrange a mental review.

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