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How do I generate my SNOOKER QUOTIENT (SQ)?

Our sign up process is simple, allowing you to register and instantly become a member of the SQ community:

1. Create your account & get the free SQ App

2. Complete 4 Individual SQ (ISQ) skill tests

3. Submit your videos and scores to be verified

4. See your official SQ on our global Leaderboard

SQ Glossary and Abbreviations

SQ - Snooker Quotient

ISQ - Individual Snooker Quotient

BBSQ - Break Building Snooker Quotient

CCSQ - Cue ball control Snooker Quotient

LPSQ - Long Potting Snooker Quotient

GSSQ - General Skills Snooker Quotient

SQ Points - 1 SQ point = US$1.00 (every ISQ test costs 5 SQ points or US$5.00)

SQ Checklists

What do you need to get your fist official SQ handicap?

  • SQ membership and a submission of the full set of four ISQ tests (BBSQ, CCSQ, LPSQ and GSSQ)

What do you need to complete an ISQ test?

  1. A snooker table and a set of snooker balls
  2. A cue and some chalk
  3. A camera phone (Apple or Android) or tablet to capture the video
    • Minimum requirement for software version for Android is 8.1
    • Minimum requirement for software version for iOS is 12.5.2
  4. A friend, stool, shelf  or preferably a tripod (see below) on which your phone/tablet can be mounted
  5. SQ membership
  6. The SQ app
  7. Wifi connection, 30% or more battery life and at least 1 GB of storage on your phone/tablet
  8. Somewhere between 20 - 60 minutes of your time (on average - the better/slower you are, the longer it takes!)
  9. Pen and paper to manually record scores to aid accuracy in recording the correct score
  10. A passion for snooker

General advice:

  • You must capture with your recording device in landscape mode and 'orientation lock' OFF
  • You do not need to record the sound on your video (it is optional)
  • You will be given only 24 hours to complete and submit an ISQ test
  • For a valid test we must be able to see the bed of the table, all balls, all 6 pockets and YOU
  • If you do not follow the rules and deliberately or accidentally gain an advantage, your ISQ test score will not be valid (we reserve the right to adjust it) and you will be contacted to inform you. See our terms and conditions for more details
  • See below for recommended options for phone/tablet tripods (we recommend height of 60 inches or 150 cms minimum):

SQ Completion Steps

1. Create your account & get the free SQ App

Download the “WhatisyourSQ” App from Apple or Google (Apple or Android) :


  • Sign up to the app by clicking on the sign up link of the app front page
  • Enter your personal details
  • Enter payment details to become a member and receive a welcome email 
  • Sign in to the app using your email as your user name and your password 


If you have already joined and paid membership through the website:

  • Sign in to the app using your email as your user name and your password

The SQ App Dashboard gives you the following options:​

  • SQ Tests – see the 4 ISQ tests, you MUST complete to get your official SQ
  • My Recent Videos –you can find the most recent videos you have submitted
  • My SQ Account – see your SQ details, SQ Level , SQ Leaderboards etc.
  • Info/Contact – FAQs or send us an email
SQ Sign In Page
2a. Complete four Individual Snooker Quotient Tests (4 x ISQs)

When you log in to the SQ app for the first time ALL members will default to Level 1 tests

The SQ Levels . .

  • Level 1 - beginners to intermediate
  • Level 2  - intermediate to elite

We suggest all players get a Level 1 score higher than 50 before moving to SQ Level 2

Players with a matchplay high break of 75+ may choose to start on Level 2 directly. You will need to go to 'My SQ Account' and select Level 2 if you take this option.

NOTE: You will ONLY get an official SQ when you have 4 tests completed at Level 1 or Level 2

Once you select your Level (1 or 2), return to the main dashboard and select 'SQ Tests'

You can now scroll down to see the four ISQ Test options:

  1. ISQ 1 Break Building 
  2. ISQ 2 Cue Ball Control
  3. ISQ 3 Long Potting
  4. ISQ 4 General Skills
2b. Complete four Individual Snooker Quotient Tests (4 x ISQs) - continued

Once you have selected which one of the 4 ISQ tests to complete, click on it to be taken into the ISQ test front page. Here you can see all four ISQ skill tests. These can also be found at the bottom of your SQ Dashboard.

NOTE: You will not be able to repeat exactly the same ISQ test, at the same level, within 7 days of the last attempt (this is to encourage members to go away and practice instead of immediately paying to re-submit).

You can of course choose to do one of the other 3 ISQ tests at the same level, or any of the 4 ISQ tests at the other level (assuming you have done any of those in the last 7 days).

Once you have entered the the ISQ front page, you can see the 4 practice routines listed within the selected ISQ. 

Clicking on any of the routines will take you to an instruction page showing:

  • Detailed instructions on how the routine should be played
  • A static photo showing the routine set up
  • A video (swipe photo to the left) showing the routine being set up and completed
  • A set of standard rules and how they apply to each exercise

We suggest you get to know the routines and practice them before taking the ISQ test. Once you are comfortable with the routine set up, you can proceed to take the ISQ test

Select the 'Start Test' button on the ISQ front page to be taken into the ISQ video capture page.

At this point 5 SQ points will be taken from your account to pay for the ISQ test.

ISQ description
Open play snooker
Open play snooker
SQ tests
ISQ video capture
3. Submit your videos and scores to be verified
  • In the video capture page you will see all the areas to capture your videos in this ISQ.
  • Immediately underneath each video capture is an area to write your test scores after each attempt.
  • ALL the attempts must be completed, all videos must be uploaded and all scores should be entered correctly and accurately.
  • Videos less than 20 seconds will be reset to avoid issues with stopping the video too early by mistake.

Click on the camera icon to enter the video capture mode.

Make sure your device is LANDSCAPE mode for every video capture and that your orientation lock is NOT selected (see this video link if you need more information regarding landscape mode and orientation lock for iOS - click here for Android):

  1. In landscape mode, click the camera icon to record
  2. DO NOT leave the video capture page during capture
  3. Complete one attempt
  4. Stop the video and enter your score, video will be uploaded
  5. Move on to the next video
  6. Repeat steps 1 - 4 until all the videos and scores are entered
  7. Decide if you want a personal ISQ report (40 SQ points)

You can choose to leave the test at any time to check other areas of the SQ app or your phone in general, but not while a video is still uploading.

Once all videos are uploaded, you will get a final message asking you to SUBMIT.

The SUBMIT button will not function if any of your scores or videos are missing.

The final message will tell you that your video has been sent for review.

Your score will now be logged and added to your SQ Details and to the SQ Leaderboard

If there is any concern with your video submission we will endeavour to contact you to discuss it or contact us on


ISQ video page
4. See your official SQ on the SQ Leaderboard

After you receive the alert to say your submission will be reviewed, your ISQ test is complete and your videos will be added to your 'My Videos' area on your SQ app menu.

Your videos will show the date stamp and the score you achieved (in the header area above the video).

Your ISQ test score will immediately update your current SQ (at the level you selected).

Your score will now be available for you, and all SQ members, to see on the SQ global Leaderboard.

If, after verification, your test and score are considered invalid for any reason, your score may be altered up/down by SQ administrators. Your SQ will automatically update at the same time. 

You can then choose to view your own SQ graph by returning to the SQ dashboard in the app and selecting My SQ Account and then My SQ Progress.

You could also find your My SQ Progress graph in your Members' Dashboard area at

Finally you may choose to see where your score is situated on the SQ Leaderboards by returning to the SQ dashboard in the app and selecting My SQ Account and then SQ Leaderboards.


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