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ISQ Video Reports

At the end of your ISQ test, you will have the chance to request a 'report'. This report will provide a summary on the ISQ you selected. Expert feedback could be about strategy or areas like your pre-shot routines, your shot selections or your rhythm. We will also try to ascertain if there are any technical issues (although this will depend on the quality of the video you have recorded).

This report will target improvement in this particular ISQ, but may also carry over to other ISQs and your overall SQ. The aim is to take you to the next level.

'Good, Better, How' reports are seen as a great way to offer succinct, positive feedback which also leads to future planning:

    1. GOOD - what did we see that was GOOD? (What to maintain?)
    2. BETTER - what could you have done BETTER ? (What needs to improve?)
    3. HOW - HOW will you make these things better? (An action plan)

This ISQ report will give you the best chance to improve your SQ in the quickest time. It will be a one to one tailored report from a world-class coach and will carry an additional charge of 50 SQ points. The SQ points will be deducted from your points total when you select the report option at the end of your ISQ exam (so please ensure you have at least 55 SQ Points in your account before starting the test). We recommend this report if you find you are not showing the improvement you expect over time or if you are not improving quickly enough.

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